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Inside the Stone Circle

As you step inside the stone circle, the light that there was from the day disappears. It is night time inside here, always night time. A large bonfire rages in the centre of the monoliths, tiny sparks from its flames rising high into the sky. The stars up there are very bright... perhaps a little too bright. They almost look... fake.

As you stand here in the darkness, you feel a presence on the outside of the circle. It walks slowly from one stone to the next, seemingly blind to your presence, but nevertheless stalking the place for trespassers. Your hackles rise. You do not feel safe here.

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Back near the fire it feels warmer and safer. Maybe the thing outside is scared to come too close?

The stones loom over you. The four slabs at the cardinal compass points are larger than the rest and have flat faces. There looks to be symbols carved into their surface.

Examine the stone to the north.

Examine the stone to the east.

Examine the stone to the south.

Examine the stone to the west.

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