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At last…

Oh my Goodness! I am not quite sure what happened, but this epeisode took months to get to. Obviously the […]

Competition Time

Throughout Season One of the Strange Circle Podcast, strange messages and clues can be found. If you are the first […]

Merry Christmas, Circlars

It is most definitely that time of the year. I hope you all found the Christmas Special alright. It’s a […]

Excuse the Accent!

Well… Part II of the Histories is out, and the inevitable happened. I had to do an American accent. I […]

Season 1 Zine

I am enjoying the hiatus! Have released an episode of the Histories, and am working on another. Real-life does get […]

That was Season 1

So, I think that episode 16 marks the end of season 1. The two main storylines have come to a […]

Writing and Tubin’

Have spent the day writing the next instalment of ‘In Case I Die’. I am going to try and put […]

Episode 15 – Finally!

Sorry for the long delay. I was obsessed with getting the website as perfect as possible, and then I got […]


I have been cogitating whether or not to go Youtube for a while now. I decided yes, and spent most […]

Hour of the Dead – PROMO

Just released a new HOTD promo for Derek’s upcoming show about possession. I have to confess that the Jingle I […]

New Site and Web App!

Happy Thursday! The new site is finally done. It has a mobile-first design, and if you open it on your […]

A Brief Pause

Hi there, and welcome to the Strange Circle Site! I am taking a week off to work on the website, […]