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Press Kit

The Strange Circle Horror Podcast is an original fiction horror podcast presented in an audio-drama and audiobook format. Launched in June 2019, each episode continues the narrative flow of a number of storylines. The ‘found-footage’ feel of some segments allows the drama to be experienced from a number of sides and places the listener in its midst.

Follow the path of a serial killer as he stalks his next victim.

Learn about the life of a psychic medium who is hiding a terrible secret.

Written and performed by Al Ashweth, a new episode drops every week(ish)!

Contact Details


Twitter: @strange_circle

Facebook: strangecirclepodcast

How to Listen

You can listen through this site, or use any podcast app.

It’s best you start with Episode One… you can play it right here:

You could also give the Halloween Special a go, as it’s a standalone episode:


Please feel free to use any of these hi-res images:

About the Author

Alwyne Ashweth lives in the amazing city of London, in the UK.

In the daytime, he is a teacher of Physics, having fallen into the world of academia as an aimless teenager.

At night, he is the keeper of the Strange Circle, the product of a life-long love of horror after being inspired by writers such as Clive Barker and Stephen King.

You can learn more about him by listening to this episode of the Out of the Blank podcast.