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The Northern Monolith

You walk towards the large stone to the north of the circle. As you near it, you can see the symbol carved into its surface. It looks a little like an ankh, although the arms are more rounded, like the shape of petals.

As you trace the carving with your fingers, you feel the presence of the thing outside the circle. Its feet make crunching noises as it walks, and the sound is getting nearer. You flatten yourself against the stone, holding your breath as the footsteps pass behind you.

The thing moves on without discovering you. You look around the monolith, out of the circle, and see a cobbled path leading off towards the north. It seems to lead into an area covered with trees, although it is too dark to see very much.

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The stone to the north shows the strange ankh symbol. You cannot hear the creature that has been stalking around the outside of the circle. Beyond the stone is the small cobbled pathway leading towards the trees.

Go back to the centre of the stone circle.

Leave the circle and follow the path to the north.

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