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The Southern Monolith

It is cooler here, away from the fire. You can just about feel its warmth on your back. You reach the stone, and run your fingers over its rough surface. You feel a carving, and you move out of the light from the fire to see it more closely. Its a geometric eye like the ones in Egyptian heiroglyphics. But the eye part itself is much more angluar, almost a diamond shape.

You can'y hear the footsteps at the momenbt. You lean out from behind the stone, and you see what seems to be the top of a stone tower, lit eerily by moonlight. It peeks above the rise of the hill, and a path leads from the base of the stone towards it.

As you search the top of the tower for signs of life, there is the sudden sound of the footsteps again. They are closer than you think, and you cower in the shade of the monolith as they pass by.

Show Initial Passage

You move back towards the south side of the circle. The stone with the eye carved into it is here. The path leads from its base towards the top of the hill, and the strange tower beyond.

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  • Move back towards the warmth of the fire.
  • Leave the circle and travel along the path to the south.